Elite Vaulter Sports Complex
Locations: Fort Worth | San Antonio

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TexasPoleVault at the Elite Vaulter Sports Complex in Fort Worth is dedicated  to bringing year round, quality indoor training to the North Texas area. Our goal is to provide a facility where a pole vaulters performance based on speed, strength, and jumping ability are frequently measured and used as the basis for development of the vaulters performance improvement plan. The Elite Vaulter Sports Complex is commited to continuously improving its knowledge of teaching the pole vault. We offer you an environment where pole vaulters of all skill levels can come and learn how to
Run Faster, Jump Higher and Safer

Our training and teaching program is designed to develop the rudimentary skills required to vault Higher, Faster, Safer. We want every vaulter to reach thier maximum potential while mitigating as much risk as possible. We start with the basics using simple drills and progress through mastery of the required skills. You can be assured your vaulter will be taught the correct way to vault at the pace that guarantees as much safety and progress as possible.

Team Members Accomplishments
National H.S. Record Holders
NCAA National Champions
NCAA All Americans
Collegiate Record Holders
UIL State Champions
UIL State Medalists
TAAF State Champions
Collegiate Record Holders
Youth and Junior National Champions
Youth and Junior USA Team

*Jeffrey Rodriguez 18'1.5" *Desiree Freier  14'7.25"
*Peyton Weissman  17'1" *Lakan Taylor 14'4"
*David Taylor 16'0" *Avery Stuchell 13'1"
*Devin Rodriguez 16'4.25" *Zoe McKinley 13'1"
*Logan Freeman 16'4" *Kristen Keith 13'0"
*Toby Zelt 16'1" *Tommie Powers 12.7.5"
*Garrett Montgomery 16'0" *Darby Kelly 12'5"
*Eric Etie 15'9" *Sylvia Perkinson 12'0"
*Trevor Hall 15'9" *Abby Bilsbury 12'0"
*Connor Gregston 16'0" *Morgan Lancaster 12'0"
Xavier Gendron 15'6" *Desiree Hill 11'9"
*Sean Mcclellan 16'0" Kyla Buskirk 11'0"
*Stevie Bilsbury 16'6" Maggie Turner 11'9"
Greg Norman 14'6" Reagan Smith 11'6"
Matthew McClean 13'0" Maggie Turner 11'9"
Harrison Cui 14'0 Reagan Smith 11'6"
*Caleb Murdock 16'0" Brooke Kacynski 10'1"
Nick Ryer 14'0"

* College Scholarship

Club Pricing

Six - 2.0 hour sessions per week.

Sun. 10:00am-12:00pm
Tue. 7:00pm-9:00pm
Thur. 7:00pm-9:00pm
Single Club Session $60.00/2.0 Hr. Session

Club membership offers athletes 24 hours of group training per month.

6 month contract 225.00/mo.  avg cost/hr 5.62

 3 month contract 250.00/mo  avg cost/hr 6.25

 Month to Month 275.00/mo.  avg cost/hr 6.87

Private Lessons

60.00 / hr.
Six Lessons for 300.00 (Six-Pack)
Private lessons may be given to 3 vaulters simultaneously based on athlete demands.

Private lessons are scheduled by appointment.

Sun. 12:00pm-3:00pm
Tue 5:00pm-7:00pm
Thur. 5:00pm-7:00pm
There is no open gym. Athletes are always coached by qualified coaches to insure safety and correct vaulting technique.Our facility is indoors, heated and guarantees consistent training opportunities independent of weather. We are the lowest cost complete Pole Vault training facility in the North Texas Area.


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