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Core Strength Training

Building the Foundation

At Elite Sportz core training is the foundation for overall improved speed, strength and agility. The term "Core" strength has become a popular topic these days. The term Core refers to the musculature that comprises both sides of your body (front and back) encompassing the area between your chest and knees. Strengthening the core is essential for pole vaulters. It"s crucial that your core is strong because it comes into play, just about every time you move. A strong, stable core makes other sports, like running, jumping, pole vaulting easier. You will be able to put more power behind each step and run faster with less effort. Speed, Balance and Power are required to pole vault effectively and safely. Core training not only provides the basis for improved performance in every sport but it is also critical in the area of injury prevention.

At Elite Sportz...

Core training is designed to help you "Run Faster, Jump Higher and Safer".

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