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Pole Vault Training

Texas Pole Vault Progression: Your Vault Improved

Elite Sportz incorporates the TexasPoleVault progression method of pole vaulting, emphasizing safety and confidence in each drill. Athletes will develop sound technique through drills on the track and in the sand before ever touching the pole vault pit. Once the athletes have demonstrated the proper technique, they will be introduced to the pit by using short approaches and low hand grips. As the athletes skills progress, they will learn how to lengthen the approach to maximize speed, along with the proper hand grip. Training equipment specific to the pole vault will be used to break down different phases of the vault. Video analysis will also be used to assist each athlete with individual analysis.

Included Apparatus and Vaulting Drills

  • Walking Plant Drills
  • Sliding Box
  • Cues to Assist Hitting Key Positions
  • Bar Drills
  • Ring Drills
  • Grass Drills
  • Speed Boxes
  • Sand Drills
  • Jumping and Elevation Drills
  • Many More
  • We would appreciate the opportunity to assist your vaulter in "Running Faster, Jumping Higher and Safer.

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