Elite Vaulter Sports Complex
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Speed Strength and Agility

Providing The Competitive EDGE

Speed, Strength and Agility training at Elite Sportz is designed to prepare the pole vaulter to reach his or her maximum performance. The exercises and drills as well as the sequence, series and repetitions are specifically designed to build motor skills and muscle memory that relate directly to the requirements of pole vaulting. Elite Sportz is dedicated to researching current SS&A training methodologies and delivering them to the athlete, providing an ongoing competitive advantage.

  • Stretching Exercises for Increased Flexibility
  • Running Technique
  • Sprint Acceleration
  • Weight Work
  • Jumping and Elevation

  • At Elite Sportz ...  

    Speed,Strength and Agility Drills are designed to help you "Run Faster, Jump Higher and Safer".

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